Saturday, February 5, 2011

Roars starting early at the Yale Whale tonight

Here at Ingalls Rink press box about 90 minutes prior to the opening faceoff before tonight's Yale-Dartmouth game. There was a loud rumbling that went on for several seconds, and the corner of the arched roof appeared to shake a bit. I thought the roof was coming down for a brief moment, but apparently it was a massive sheet of ice that slid down the back of the "Whale" and into a parking lot. That'll get the blood flowing and the ol' heart pumping. Yowzers. (Hold more deep breath...and we're back).

Some minor lineup changes for Yale tonight. Josh Balch is out and Antoine Laganiere is in at left wing on the Brendan Mason-Charles Brockett line. Chad Ziegler remains on the line with Kenny Agostino and Jesse Root, a move made Friday night against Harvard that worked well. Ziegler brought some great energy.

And a couple of notes: last night's win was the first 1-0 victory for the Bulldogs since an overtime game against Cornell on Feb. 10, 2001 at the New Haven Coliseum. I recall that game well. There was a problem with the ice at Ingalls that evening, and officials made a last minute switch to the Coliseum (now a lovely parking lot alongside the route 34 connector. Thanks, Mr. Mayor!). Nick Deschenes, a Paul Bunyon-type forward who actually competed in arm wrestling tournaments and lumberjack competitions in Alberta, Canada, scored the winner for the Bulldogs in a thriller of a game.

It was also the first 1-0 win for Yale over Harvard since March 9, 1929. Wasn't there for that one; think I was having dinner at the White House with Herbert Hoover that night.

Here are the Dartmouth lines for tonight.

N. Walsh-Jones-Robinson
D. Walsh-Lindblad-Mattila



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