Saturday, January 22, 2011

St. Lawrence/Yale pregame

I've been covering Yale hockey for 12 years now, and I swear Ingalls Rink has never been this cold. It's an ice box in here. But it should warm up soon. The game was sold out well in advance, and it reminded me a little of being at Yankee Stadium walking from the parking lot to the gate tonight. Shady looking guys staked out behind telephone poles looking to scalp tickets, and others asking any and everyone who walks past, including yours truly, if they have any extras.

Yale running the same lines as last night, with one change. Antoine Laganiere starts in place of Josh Balch at right wing on the Agostino/Bourbonais line. Seems that's the one spot that isn't set in stone yet, at least while Jesse Root and Jeff Anderson remain out with injury.

Longtime Saints coach Joe Marsh is not with St. Lawrence this weekend. He's at Mass General recovering from a surgical procedure. Associate coach Bob Prier will run the show tonight. Matt Weininger starts in goal.

St. Lawrence lines are as follows:
K. Flanagan-Bogosian-Carey
Pitsikoulis-Drewiske-S. Flanagan

Dewey-M. Raley
Child-P. Raley

Referees are Robert St. Lawrence (oh, the irony) and Harry Dumas. Kenneth Gates and Joe Testa are the linesmen.


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