Monday, January 10, 2011

Yale: Cahill had approval

Yale plans to release a statement later this afternoon regarding a recent Internet report that questions the eligibility of senior forward Chris Cahill. The statement is intended to "defend the truth".

The report, released by the website "", implies that Cahill is ineligible because he played in a French league in which some players were paid. Cahill was not enrolled in school last year.

Yale athletic director Tom Beckett said hockey coach Keith Allain worked with the Ivy League and Yale's NCAA compliance officers to find a place where Cahill could play hockey and retain his NCAA eligibility. "It was all approved prior to Chris being involved with the team, it wasn't after the fact," Beckett said. "Chris's family was very concerned about doing what was right. This is a process that took months." Beckett said he has no concerns that the NCAA could launch an investigation. "The burden of proof, every standard, all of those issues have been met; the Ivy office signed off on it at the very beginning," Beckett said.

More to come when we receive Yale's statement.


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