Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The NHL can wait for Kenny Agostino

Spoke with Kenny Agostino tonight. He said he spent a day home in New Jersey yesterday to discuss his situation with family, eventually deciding to finish his education and return to Yale next season rather than sign with the Calgary Flames.

"I've definitely put some serious thought into it the past month," Agostino said. "I'm a year away from a Yale diploma. I mean, I am at Yale. Anyone who comes here certainly values their education. Being at Yale (as opposed to another school) definitely makes it a harder choice. But a Yale degree is something I want to pursue and right now I'm 11 months away."

He's also excited to make a run at defending the Bulldogs' national championship.

"We lose some key guys, Andrew, Lags, Malcolm," Agostino said. "But as a whole, I think we'll be a great team."


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