Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kevin Bui beats Cornell in double-OT; Quinnipiac heading to AC

Impressive win by Quinnipiac, which really dominated Cornell in the third period and both overtimes before Kevin Bui's winner in the second OT. Shots were 14-1 in the second overtime, a credit to the Bobcats conditioning and talent.

Quinnipiac will face Brown in Atlantic City on Friday at 4 p.m. Yale will play Union in the late game.

A bit rushed in the post-game because of deadlines. But here's what Bui had to say.

"I was just trying to work my tail off in the overtime and Loren hit me with a nice pass. I made a move to the net and slid it 5-hole. I just didn't want to get hurt in the pile. I was so excited. We've worked so hard and our goal was to go to Atlantic City and win a championship. We're one step closer."

Cornell coach Mike Schafer had words for Quinnipiac coach Rand Pecknold after Saturday's 10-0 pasting, and he was livid tonight, too. Schafer had words for Pecknold, and continued to rant as Pecknold walked away while assistant Reid Cashman interceded and tried to calm Schafer down.

Cornell goalie Andy Iles was brilliant, making 60 saves, and had a warm moment with Eric Hartzell in the handshake line.


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