Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bracketology today

Quinnipiac's loss to St. Lawrence last night knocks it from a No. 1 seed to a No. 2 seed, but may not be enough to keep the Bobcats from playing in Bridgeport. We shuffled the two seeds to keep them closer to home. Attendance pushes are always considered by the committee, and why not have high seeds Quinnipiac, Lowell and St. Cloud within driving distances of their campuses?

So here's what the NCAA brackets might look like as of now.

3. Union vs. 14. Minnesota-Duluth
5. Quinnipiac vs. 11. Providence

1. Boston College vs. 16. Mercyhurst
6. UMass Lowell vs. 9. Cornell

2. Minnesota vs. 15. Colgate
8. St. Cloud State vs. 10. Michigan

4. Ferris State vs. 13. Vermont
7. Wisconsin vs. 12. Northeastern


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