Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yale coach Keith Allain reprimanded

Yale coach Keith Allain wasn't pleased with the officiating during his team's 5-4 overtime loss at Clarkson on Sunday. The Bulldogs were issued a bench minor for unsportsmanlike conduct in overtime that set up the game-winner, while Allain and senior Charles Brockett received 10-minute game misconducts after the game. A league press release issued on Thursday suggested Allain used abusive language directed at the referees, and resulted in a written reprimand from the ECAC.

A letter was sent by the league to Allain and to Yale's athletic administration, according to Steve Hagwell, the commissioner of the ECAC. Hagwell declined to get into specifics of the letter. He said the decision was made Wednesday, but, due to a related issue, not released until today.

Coaches in the league have received suspensions for their conduct in the past, most recently a one-game ban to RPI coach Seth Appert in November 2010 for reviewing video of a disputed call with media after a game.

Hagwell said he decided a reprimand was appropriate in this case "based on the information I received, both written and verbal". He said he discussed the incident with Paul Stewart, the league's director of officials, and compared it with past instances where suspensions were issued.

"After long and careful consideration, I felt a reprimand was the more appropriate response," Hagwell said.

Allain said Thursday he didn't agree with the league's course of action.

"Obviously, I think we have a difference of opinion with the league on that," Allain said. "I feel, given what we had to endure in that hockey game, I showed an incredible amount of restraint after the game."

Here's the official league release:

ALBANY, N.Y. -- ECAC Hockey has issued a written reprimand to Yale University Head Coach Keith Allain for his conduct after the Yale at Clarkson contest Sunday, January 15.

The reprimand was issued by the League staff upon review of Coach Allain’s postgame actions directed to the on-ice officials after Clarkson’s 5-4 overtime victory. It is in accordance with ECAC Hockey policies that prohibit “Coaches, student-athletes and institutional personnel from using abusive language or inappropriate conduct toward officials before, during or after a
contest whether in public or private.”


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