Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No news....yet

Yale and Quinnipiac are in the process of interviewing candidates for vacated assistant coaching positions. Both schools have received numerous applications, and decisions are expected within the next week or two. We'll keep you posted.

Also expecting to get the official word on recruits at both schools soon.

The Bulldogs are enrolling nine freshmen, eight of whom are known (Thomas Fallen, D; Nick Weberg, F; Anthony Day, F; Connor Wilson, G; Matt Killian, D; Alan Thompson, D; Trent Ruffolo, F; Bennett Carroccio, F). Not sure who the ninth is at the moment.

Quinnipiac has six players coming in, one of whom is ineligible until 2012, and another is in a holding pattern. Goalie John Nauta spent some time in the Quebec Major Junior League, and can't play this season. But he'll be enrolled at school and can practice with the team. Winger Zach Luczyk is the contingency plan in case Scott Zurevinski signs a pro contract. But it's expected that Zurevinski will stay and Luczyk will enroll next fall.


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