Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brown-Quinnipiac post game

Quinnipiac was disappointed with the tie, mainly because it blew a 2-0 lead and missed some other chances that could have made it a three or four goal advantage. Brown was impressive in coming back to tie the game, especially without key cogs Jack Maclellan and Jeff Buvinow out with injuries. But the Bears, Harry Zolnierczyk in particular, were taking the tie hard.

Zolnierczyk, stoned by Quinnipiac goalie Eric Hartzell on a shorthanded breakaway in the first period, was awarded a penalty shot in overtime. But he sent his shot directly into the mid-section of Hartzell, making things easier than it should have on the Bobcats goaltender.

"“I wanted to shoot five-hole and make a good shot there, but it kind of flopped on me and I shot it right into his stomach,” Zolnierczyk said. “He made a good save, too. But it’s a tough stop right there. Destiny is in our own hands right now and we definitely needed those two points.”

Hartzell said the toughest part was waiting for the actual shot.

"They called the penalty, and it was like another three minutes,” Hartzell said. “I was just trying to stay in my net and trying to stay focused. Fortunately, the kid shot it right into my chest, so it turned out pretty well.”

The two points could have helped both teams greatly in the fight for eighth place. Brown has an extra game Tuesday against Harvard where it can make up ground on the Bobcats and Clarkson, tied with 17 points heading into their final weekends.

Brown will be shorthanded. Jack Maclellan was cut by a skate blade very early in Friday's loss at Princeton. It was a fluke play, Brown coach Brendan Whittet said. The top of Maclellan's foot was sliced open, leaving a horrific gash that severed muscle, tendon and nerve. He was sent back to Providence Friday night, and will be operated on Sunday. Whittet, who was nice enough to show me a cell phone photo of Maclellan's gnarled foot, said it's possible Maclellan could be back, depending on how far the Bears advance in the postseason. Just hoping I don't have nightmares about the picture of Maclellan's foot.

Defenseman Jeff Buvinow is battling a high ankle sprain, suffered in practice earlier this week. He'll likely be out Tuesday, Whittet said, but has a chance to play next weekend.


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